Join in on the “Green Rush” before it’s too late!

The “Green Rush” refers to a huge growth in the CBD sector. A market that is sweeping the world, country by country, as this natural supplement is now known to have miraculous health and wellness benefits.
What is CBD?

If you have never heard of CBD Oil, Hemp Oil or Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Oil, I urge you to Google the benefits or check out Healthline for more information. This is not an opportunity you want to miss out on.

Forbes magazine reported that the CBD industry is expected to increase in value by 700% by 2020, back in 2016, and the market has already far surpassed forecasts. With emotive stories such as those of both Alfie Dingley & Billy Caldwell that have now changed the law with regards to Hemp based medicines, it’s no surprise that sales are soaring.

CBD is the hottest topic right now, and for good reason. Once introduced, we really are changing our customers’ lives for the better.

“CBD doesn’t get you high, it gets you healthy.”

Not to be confused with the THC found in Cannabis, CBD is non-psychoactive. So, users will not be able to get high by using any of our products.

Many sports professionals are now using CBD to aid recovery after workouts, work as a neuroprotectant and to improve focus. Inevitably, sports fans and the health conscious now make up a huge part of our customer base.

A lot of high profile celebrities like Jennifer Anniston are now endorsing CBD as a health supplement as well as an effective beauty product. CBD is such a diverse product in terms of potential customers, that there are very few people who cannot benefit from it.

Why is this a good option for my business?

The idea is novel, and most importantly, content surrounding the product is highly shareable.

Every company that has chosen to offer CBD products to its customers have seen a massive increase in sales. When Holland & Barrett decided to introduce a line of CBD oils back in February 2018, they saw a 37% surge in overall sales in just 4 weeks.

There are various case studies of coffee shops that have trialed this idea in the US, with huge success. Often, owners report that they received an influx of customers who were there solely for the purpose of trying the new CBD product.

Added to which, newspapers and journalists are drawn to any information surrounding this subject, it is inevitable that this will attract media attention. So not only will your business have the ability to profit from this emerging market, but you could also receive the kind of attention that could skyrocket your brand exposure overnight.

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