Finding Your Ideal Daily CBD Dosage

Your CBD dosage makes a significant difference

CBD is entirely a new concept to most people even today, yet over 6 Million UK adults have tried CBD products in the last year. The gradual rise in the popularity of CBD can be attributed to the number of problems that it can solve. As a leading CBD brand, we are continuously in touch with our customers to help them find the optimal ways to buy CBD and use it to guide them in living a balanced life.

Since we are the market leaders, we are invested in finding the right dosage for you.

CBD Results


Our research has indicated that the average customers’ dosage is far higher than we anticipated at the first hand. Every individual has a unique experience. The CBD dosage depends on various factors like your weight, gender, age, and CBD tolerance. However, our research tells us that it’s extremely safe to use high doses and has no associated risk involved.

On a scale of 20-120mg dosage a day, we noticed that people on average have been consuming 60mg of CBD a day. These people turned out to be our most satisfied and loyal customers.

We also talked to Vedas CBD customers who have been using lower strength products and minimal dosages of less than 20mg per day. If they weren’t completely satisfied, we recommended they try a 900mg CBD Oral spray at a 60mg dose (12 Sprays), and within 3-5 days, we start getting messages about the astounding results that it brings to an individual’s lifestyle.

If you are using CBD drops and are trying to calculate dosage – use our free drop calculator.

Develop your CBD oil routine

No matter if you are a regular user of CBD or considering starting, starting with a higher dosage could be a better option than the previous low-and-slow guidelines.

Since our consumers experienced impressive results on 60mg dosage, we recommend that they start with a 60mg dosage per day as a loading dose.

After that you have two options:

• If you see a positive impact, shift down by 20mg a day.
• If you are not satisfied, increase the dosage by 20mg a day.


You might repeat this process until you reach your optimal satisfaction level. There are no worries even if you start with a high dosage because firstly there are no side effects, secondly, you can always go back to a lower dose later. CBD is safe at high dosages.

Research has indicated that high doses like 500 mg+ a day of CBD products are easily tolerated well by the human body. This confirms the safety profile of CBD. Clinical trials repeatedly use CBD doses that are over 100mg per day, with some reaching as high as 600mg. That’s because no adverse side effects have been recorded, other than very rare mild nausea at very high consumption.

Learn more about CBD

Figuring out why higher doses of CBD is safe to use is rooted in the understanding of how this natural supplement works to give a balanced lifestyle to an individual. You can learn more about CBD and the endocannabinoid system here.

If you feel like asking any questions regarding your daily dosage, kindly contact us at our Contact page or reach out via the web chat option that appears on the right corner of your screen. We are there to handle your queries at any time from Monday to Friday 10 am-7 pm.

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