A delicious dark roast coffee packed with far-out flavour. Responsibly sourced from active volcanos in the Guatemala region, the farmers we use truly understand that life can be harsh and unforgiving. Finally a Hemp Coffee that tastes great! Coupled with the uplifting power of CBD, this unique coffee offers an experience like no other.

  • Flavours – Hazelnut with a chocolate finish
  • Aroma – Chocolate, Almond
  • Body – medium
  • Acidity – citric

The beans are sun-dried and processed traditionally.

Hemp oil infused – This range of coffees include levels of CBD-rich hemp extract to balance out the coffees natural caffeine levels. This helps deliver a relaxed yet focussed energy, without the jitters.

Imagine a hemp coffee that not only calms and ignites the senses, but also offers relief from life’s stresses, aches and pains.