Vedas CBD Oil Spray 900mg

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Vedas Organic Hemp oil with CBD extract, containing a Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids.

  • Gluten Free
  • CO2 Extracted
  • Vegan Friendly

No “High” – The unique Vedas CBD Oil Spray contains a broad spectrum of Cannabinoids, but is also certified as THC free. Meaning you can enjoy the full benefit that the hemp plant has to offer, without any traces of this intoxicating Cannabinoid.

  • Perfect For Sports & Training, Cannabidiol is WADA approved,
  • Convenient Spray Bottle For Easy Use,
  • Better flavour – Rich in Natural Flavours & Flavonoids.

This is made possible using state of the art CO2 extraction & distillation at farms throughout the US, where we source our plants.

The patented extraction methods also makes it possible to maintain an array of natural Terpenes. This makes it perfect for those using CBD daily in their health regime.

Each Spray = 5mg Broad Spectrum CBD
180 Sprays Per Bottle

For somebody using 2 sprays per day (10mg), this should last around 90 days.

No more than 70mg a day should be taken by a healthy adult, unless a doctor agrees more.